• Virginia

    Local Areas

    • Blacksburg
    • Christiansburg
    • Lynchburg
    • Roanoke
    • Montgomery County
    • Giles County
    • Pulaski County
    • Smyth County
    • Wythe County

    Local General District Courts

    • Montgomery/Christiansburg General District Court
    • Montgomery/Blacksburg General District Court
    • Roanoke City General District Court
    • Roanoke County General District Court
    • Giles General District Court
    • Pulaski General District Court
    • Smyth General District Court
    • Wythe General District Court
    • Floyd General District Court

    Local Circuit Courts

    • Montgomery Circuit Court
    • Roanoke City Circuit Court
    • Roanoke County Circuit Court
    • Giles Circuit Court
    • Pulaski Circuit Court
    • Smyth Circuit Court
    • Wythe Circuit Court
    • Floyd Circuit Court

    Connors Law PLLC serves the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Texas

    Our firm practices contract law, intellectual property law, and business law for clients in Texas. We draft contracts, protect your ideas, give advice, and more.

    Our firm does not often litigate in Texas courts because our attorneys are physically located in Virginia, but we are certainly available to upon request.

    Fortunately, because we have a licensed Texas attorney on our team, we can work with Texas businesses as well.

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys,

licensed in Virginia

and Texas, work hard

to ensure our clients

are treated with care,

respect, and the best

legal counsel possible.

We commit to creating an 

available, approachable atmosphere

of attorneys who possess an 

extensive knowledge of the law.

Licensed in Virginia & Texas

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