How Connors Law Handles New Client Inquiries

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In our experience, Virginia attorneys explore the potential client relationship in many different ways.  Many personal injury attorneys, for instance, will offer a free consultation as a method of finding good cases worth taking on a contingency fee, or a fee paid wholly from the proceeds of a lawsuit.  Other attorneys practicing in areas in which our firm focuses, like business law, contracts, business litigation, and intellectual property, will engage in substantive discussion with a potential client only after payment of an initial fee.

Our firm believes in removing barriers between attorneys and potential clients.  This is why, with some limited exceptions, our Blacksburg Virginia law firm believes you should get to talk to an attorney before deciding whether to enter into an attorney-client relationship.  After all, we recognize that hiring a Virginia lawyer is an important decision.

The initial call is also a way for us to learn more about you and your case and determine whether we are a good fit for you.  This includes checking whether any conflict of interest may exist, determining the kind of legal knowledge required to handle the case, assessing the amount of manpower required to adequately handle the case, and making sure the potential client has a good understanding of our firm’s fees and the expense involved in handling the matter to completion.


At Connors Law, you’ll most likely speak first with our Client Relations Manager. We’ll ask for your contact information and discuss with you any non-confidential details of your legal matter during an initial client inquiry. We’ll ask you the general basis of the matter and any parties involved. We do this to determine if our firm has the appropriate expertise and whether any conflict of interest may exist.  Occasionally, our firm is not a good fit for certain inquiries, in which case we often provide names of other law firms or attorneys in Virginia that may be able to assist with the matter.

After a general discussion with our Client Relations Manager, potential clients will receive a phone call from an attorney. We do not charge a fee for the first discussion with an attorney.  An attorney will discuss with you the details of your legal concern, including any fees that will incur during the duration of your legal counsel. In every situation, we strive to maintain availability, efficiency, and as much transparency as possible. We value your time and want to make sure that any relationship that may follow will be a productive one for both you and Connors Law.

If Connors Law is able to represent you, we will send you an agreement for you to sign at your discretion. This is the point in which you will decide to retain Connors Law as your legal counsel.

While we are available to practice any type of law, our main practice areas are Business Law (including contracts drafting, contract disputes, and business advice of all kinds), Intellectual Property Law (including protecting, licensing and litigating copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and patentable subject matter), and Litigation (especially business litigation, other civil litigation, and appeals).

When you are ready, give us a call at 540-553-8149 or send us an online inquiry.  In the meantime, you can learn more about our firm, find out about the experience of our principal attorney, and read about our practice areas.


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