Photographers Can’t Get Enough of Rachel Brenke

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The past couple of months have been busy and exciting for Connors Law’s own Rachel Brenke. Rachel is an accomplished business woman and speaker, making her highly sought after at events for photographers, business people, and mothers. She frequently advises attendees on business and law practices. Check some of her 2017 speaking engagements below.


Sue Bryce Education Live

Sue Bryce leads a community of photographers that are constantly seeking to improve their skills and practices. Rachel serves this community by explaining the importance of good contracts and the law behind them.

Wedding Stationery Collective

The Wedding Stationery Collective uses mentors and workshop learning to help stationers better their craft. Rachel recently joined a star-studded lineup to again emphasize the importance of having good contracts.

Hi on Life

This photography conference was set in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. Rachel had the privilege of presenting “Hi on Legalities” to fellow photographers, a discussion about the law surrounding their field.

Belly Baby & Beyond

Belly, Baby & Beyond is an expo and conference. Rachel shared her expertise as being both a photographer and lawyer.

The Baby Summit

The Baby Summit is a three day event with industry-leading photographers to help attendees build technical photography skills and better their businesses. Rachel spoke at The Baby Summit to teach photographers how to form, run, and protect their businesses with correct legal practices.


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