“The law is good, if one uses it properly.”

Our firm handles every case with this core value in mind.

Caring advocate.  Many people have never had to deal with a lawyer, the justice system, or a dispute. We make sure not just to consider the possible legal consequences for our clients, but also advise on the moral implications and mental impact of decisions as well.

Thoughtful advisor.  Whether advising you on a contract, business structure, lawsuit, or other matter, the firm considers all risks and explains those risks to its clients. Connors Law believes that informed consent should make up the backbone of the attorney-client relationship, and although the firm usually offers a recommended course of action, it always leaves the ultimate choice for the client to decide.

Law focused. Connors Law believes that the law and the American legal system can be a force for good if used properly, giving due respect to the law’s requirements, its underlying moral spirit, and the others involved in the legal system.  We do not need boisterous TV commercials, flashy sales pitches, or other marketing gimmicks. We believe the best advertisement is diligence, demonstrated caring, and hard work.

Simple, easy to understand fees.  Connors Law has short, simple engagement agreements to create an attorney-client relationship.  Oftentimes, the firm offers a fixed fee for its work.  Other times, only an hourly rate payment can fairly provide for the attorney-client relationship.

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Andrew P. Connors, Esq.
Managing Partner

“My firm takes pride in the things we have accomplished for our clients, whether planning for their business, protecting their ideas, or resolving a dispute on their behalf in court.  I founded Connors Law with a firm philosophy of representing our clients with integrity, in a manner that treats all people involved in the legal system fairly and honestly.  I hope we have the opportunity to help you with your legal need.”